Denisa Apetroaei

Full-stack software engineer

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I am a full-stack software engineer looking for new challenges. Most of my work has been concentrated around data analysis, software solutions that run businesses and user friendly web development. I come from a background in Physics, and I completed a year in industry working at Intel Corporation. I am currently adventuring in the self-employed arena, looking for projects to work on as a contractor.

Project Management Tool

A tool created to help organise projects, client feedback and build slots. This tool reduced the administration work required in project planning, and helped to ensure that they ran smoothly. Communication about client priorities and feedback on delivered items is centralised, and can be viewed and acted on as soon as possible. It also integrates with JIRA, updates the client on progress made, and gives a clear idea of estimates and delivery.

Claims Workflow

This project allowed claim applications in Policyflow to be structured based on rules and steps defined by the client. Each step requires the fulfillment of a series of tasks, and upon completion a next step can be chosen until reaching the accepting or declining stage of a claim. Multiple paths can be taken in order to reach a conclusion, each with its own series of steps and tasks. The client has complete control over this sequence - the workflow is 100% customiseable. E-mails and SMS can be sent straight from the workflow panel, and any communications relating to a step in the process are logged and can be viewed by the user.

Client Portal

Upon registering for a new policy to Policyflow, the policyholder can be offerred access to a secure portal where they can review their account, policies, documents, and also make claims.

Motor insurance API

I created an API to aid users in integrating Policyflow with existing systems, allowing them to securely register new clients, vehicles and quotes, as well as create policies. It currently has two versions- full documentation available here and here

Insurance software for Motor Insurance

This project allows users to register leads, vehicles, quote and sell policies for motor insurance against the dealerships they belong to. The system offers e-mail communications with the client, financial reporting, invoicing and document creation.

Insurance software core processes

This project allows users to capture client information and risk assessments in order to quote and sell policies. The system offers e-mail integration, financial reporting, invoicing and document creation. It also integrates with Xero. The administrator can configure insurers, products, commissions and IPTs, as well as choose from a number of options available in terms of what menu elements are displayed on the portal. It has been used to run multiple businesses that deal with home, health, life and critical illness insurance.

Insurance software light version

Similarly to the Insurance software core processes, this project is used to capture client information and sell insurance policies. This version is lighter, offering a quick way of storing notes, capturing risk, creating quotes and policies, all in one page. Progress is saved in real time, saving time on page loading and information search. It is fit for the type of business that does not need to capture a great amount of detail.